The Lost World of Moms - An Eco-fiction by Alleyne-The Real story of a Mother..

How can we live without loving our mother? Can we imagine a world without our mother? Gopu, a 10 year old boy asks these questions to everyone in the world. How an ordinary day in his life led him to an unexpected and unpredicted world. How his unbelievable journey with a mother reminds us of the warning signs of an uncertain future.             The author narrates the story symbolically from a normal family life  to a mysterious thought provoking reality.

The ironical attitude of public in words and action should be the main reason behind the most challenging crisis of human being

Message by Great Reggae Music Legend Mr Pato Banton, about the Book - The Lost World of Moms...

Book Launching Ceremony - The Lost World of Moms... at Magic Planet, by Dr Gopinath Muthukad...

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Heart4Earth is an organization for children and youth, who are sincerely dedicating their thoughts and actions for the sustainability of the future generation by working on UNSDG through universal values & principles.

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