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Nakshtravanam -Story behind the project

                              A child who was happy throghout his childhood to celebrate his birthday with hilarity. He was really delighted to recieve the wishes and gifts each year on his birthday. He was satisfied with his uniqueness and curiosity as being in his family. After removing the gift wraps he used to dream about the birthday gifts of his next birthday. His father was very careful for making his son into a good human. The father's intention made him give a very valuable gifts which contribute to a good part to make him a good human being. 8 years of birthday's changed to happy movement in his life. He turned his each year to new lessons. He was very smart to share his light of knowledge. The light of knowledge was bigger than his age made him excited to be ready for his coming birthday. The child's excitement made him to ask his father repeatedly about his next gift. The father decided to give a very valuable gift for his son by seeing his excitement. As usual his mother who is the confidence and strength in his life called her son who wore a new dress before the guests. Till that movement the parents won to hide the precious surprise for him. In between the celebrations joy they gave him the gift. This gift made all of them wonder. *They were all talking among themselves by asking a question, "This is the most important day in child's life and why they gifted him with an unimportant one."* The gift was non other than a hoes and eighteen baby saplings. The society don't encourage any child to become a farmer because of this reason everyone started to talk a lot about this gift. But the brilliant kid took his gift as a valuable one like his father's concern. " The world's development is not our need instead give back our mother nature. " The same thing what father meant was spread out by the child. When the world achieve a lot of new technologies and presumptuous on it by destroying our mother nature by deforestation and dumping the plastics on it, they are forgetting one main thing.... "LOKA SAMSTHA SUKINO BAVANDHU" when it is spelt through the tongue, without doing anything good for our mother earth and used to exploit the nature.

                      # THIS IS NO MORE NEEDED The best gift handing over to the coming generation is our mother nature with its green beauty and not the utter mistakes doing on the name of developement. The father gave him this valuable gift together with a big message. Along with this the father also reminded his son which is more important ie, to love, love, love your mother than anything who gave birth and looked after you with a lot of pain.

                                      The child who was aware about the light of knowledge he gained was not spread then it is like a polluted water inside you. This knowledge made him to spread its energy to many. Through this he achieved a lot of heights. The good deeds and good things he did was a special energy for other kids. This organisation has grown through the entire world. This union got a lot of energy, gained a lot appreciations through this they grew into a big tree with a lot of good deeds who gave shelter to many. The father and his valuable gifts won to make his son a good person which changed the entire life of a small heart.

Story by Krishna Veni.. Inspired translation by Fathima Binth Hakkim.

Heart For Earth Tree Receiving Ceremony
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