• Mohan Lal

Covid Diary- A Book of Emotions of Children across the World..

Children from all over the world Invited to share pandemic stories for new history initiative from all over the world– Covid Diary a “Book of Emotions of Children”

Covid period really took away our happiness; friends; school; teachers; togetherness of dining, playing, learning, chitchats etc.. An uncertain period of loneliness. All are staying at home. How you missed everything in all of a sudden…How you faced it?

We are gathering personal accounts of Corona-related events, such as your experiences of social distancing/quarantine in your daily life. We invite you to share your account regardless of where you live, your age, or your specific experiences.

Age limit: Below 18 Years.

Submit a short or long text, or even a photo! Your participation is appreciated. You can send it in ENGLISH. Your Full name, Nationality and a Smiling Picture to our email address: or Whatsapp +919446010728

Take this opportunity to have your own story of this historic time included in our international book publishing on 5th June 2021.

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