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H4E Palestine

National Coordinator - Dr Busaina Nazzal

Dr.BusainaNazzal, has a one bachelor degree in Electronic Physics , and two Post-Graduations. Masters in Physics and in MIS. The third one is in the field of TVET and still in progress.

And Phd in Education and the other one is in the progress in Atlantic International University. She have been working since 2002, started as a physics teacher in Palestine, then moved to North Cyprus and worked there as a researcher for almost  7 years.

After 2011 when I turn back to my homeland, I have joined Birzeit University as an instructional designer and then worked as a capacity building specialist in USAID for two years. After that I have moved to save the children as a consultant in the field of inclusive education for one year. After that I joined the German Cooperation as a long term national expert in TVET. Currently I am working as an education officer with UNESCO .

I have conducted different voluntary work in the theme of awareness regarding the disabilities and marginalized areas.

Busaina Nazzal from East Jerusalem Pales
Mrs  Busaina Nazzal

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Youth Ambassador - ..

Child Ambassador - Ms Nai Saad Yasin

Nai Saad Yasin,  is 9 years old, she likes drawing and painting, singing and mathematics . She loves her school , which is called Qimam Academy !

Nai has only one brother, who is Adam 


Her dream is to become a doctor in the field of Pathology, she lost her father in the lungs cancer , so she is aiming to help all cancer patients .

Nai Saad Yasin Palastein.jpg
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