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H4E Malawi

National Coordinator - Mr Alex Phiri

Alex Phiri is a Malawian young man who lives in Blantyre, Chirimba Township. I am a holder of Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences and Community Services. I graduated in 2018 from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. I am Data analyst, Nutrition Educator, Early  Childhood Growth and Development Educator, Social Services provider. He have  experience in Research Projects for social sciences, Facilitation, Teaching and Counseling services.

Volunteer and Community works:

Currently he provide volunteering services to orphans and vulnerable children in my community; for example, I provide psycho-social counseling sessions to vulnerable children and adolescents, I conduct nutrition education to children and youths,

- He teach issues concerning sexual reproductive health to students (secondary school) within my community.

* Previous experience in volunteering at the University - I organized and lead fund raising programs to help elderly people and vulnerable children who live in the villages around the University.

Mr Alex Phiri

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