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Today I'm sharing a very interesting and  beautiful story about serving with a happy heart. Right now - during these troubling times - we have SO many opportunities to serve others. I am sharing you this story with love please read also with love and kind attention...


There are two seas in Palestine. One sea is fresh. Fish live in it. Trees and bushes grow near it. Children splash and play in it. The river Jordan flows into this sea from the north with sparkling water from the hills. People build their homes near it. Every kind of life is happier because it is there. It is called the Sea of Galilee. 

The same river Jordan flows south out of it into another sea. Here there are no fish, no green things, no children playing, no homes being built. Stale air hangs above its waters, and neither man nor beast will drink of it. It is called the Dead Sea. 

What makes the difference between these neighbor seas? Not the Jordan River. It empties the same good water into both. Nor is it the soil or the countryside.

The difference is that the Sea of Galilee receives water but does not keep it. For every drop that flows in, another drop flows out. The giving and the receiving go on in equal measure. The Dead Sea hoards its income. Every drop it gets, it keeps. The Sea of Galilee gives and gives. The Dead Sea gives nothing.

There are also two kinds of people in this world--those Dead Sea people who take without giving back, and the givers who remain fresh and vibrant by freely giving service and sharing of themselves. May we all be blessed in our efforts to serve... gladly.


I pray to Allah to accept all wishes of my loved Group Members..........


Mohammed Vasim


stroy from idrissa sierra leone Heart4Ea

Power of Magic Words

Mr Idrissa Bangura- Nat. Coordinator S. Leone

"I AM SORRY " I said to my daughter.
I am very sorry Anita, for shouting at you .
Anita is a beautiful and intelligent daughter of mine .she has always being at the top in all classes since she started schooling .She is 11 years of age and in grade 8 .I love her so much because she had never skipped school. I always advise her to take a good look of the background and family she is coming from .I must confess she is the best .

Suddenly ,she fell ill and could not go to school for almost two weeks .Sadly enough ,she played when I was  not around and became absolutely silence when I was around .This new behavior of hers got me pondered that something was wrong somewhere .for this reason ,I observed her cunning movements and her every moves  after two to three days I found out that her actions were premeditated but I didn't say anything ."A teacher was once a students.i am the father ."I said ..
One day I eventually decided to call her in the parlour .I shouted and schooled her badly for not going to school while her colleagues were in school preparing for a public examination .She could not bear after that but to clearly speak the reason why she had skipped school all this while and she was fine  ."It was my class teacher .He has been making me feel uncomfortable during classes .He embarrassed me most especially when I could not answer questions correctly .she reprimanded me in front of my classmates .I am scared of him .I had wanted to tell you about it but I thought it would be like "coming from the frying pan down to the fire " for this reason I had to pretend to be ill so I would not go to school and face him ."

I am so sorry .please forgive me .It won't happen again I promise you .


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