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The Lost World of Moms - An Eco- Fiction by 9 Year old Alleyne Eirik Lal 


 How can we live without loving our mother? Can we imagine a world without our mother? Gopu, a 10 year old boy asks these questions to everyone in the world. How an ordinary day in his life led him to an unexpected and unpredicted world. How his unbelievable journey with a mother reminds us of the warning signs of an uncertain future. The author narrates the story symbolically from a normal family life  to a mysterious thought provoking reality.

Alleyne Eiric Lal Founder of Heart4Earth

The author of "The Lost World of Moms"

Alleyne Eirik Lal

Launching of Alleyne's

first book;

"The Lost World of Moms"

by Mr Gopinath Muthukad

and receiving of first copy

by Mr Reni Antony.

The Lost World of Moms - Book Launching
the Lost World of Moms book by Alleyne E

Book Review

Kulahinee  Saraswathi;
ApatreeLabhathe Nari,


   Three things will be like rain falling on mountains. It will be useless; wealth, education and a good partner are the three things.  If these qualities are bestowed upon a gifted and talented person, he or she can work wonders. Master Alleyne is one among those gifts, which mother Earth has presented to us.


     Ever since, he has surprised me with many unimaginable endeavors like founding “Heart4Earth” and planting lakhs of trees through a novel project called Greenathon. Another marvel has happened. He has written a beautiful novelette, which is really praiseworthy.  I read the story with great interest.


        It is the plot of a lost mother, which depicts the life of many mothers who toil hard for children and later become unwanted objects. It is not just like that. This book has many messages for the young and old. The thread of the novel is intertwined with climate justice, which is a hot topic today.


“The poets’ eye in a fine frenzy rolling
doth glance from heaven to Earth,
From Earth to heaven….”

             Yes, Alleyne’s eye is glancing on lush green areas of life. No doubt, we can expect many more wonderful creations from his promising pen. I wish him all the best.


Dr Abraham Karickam.

alleyne eirik lal letter from edu
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