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The story of Heart4Earth

When he was eight years old, Master Alleyne Eirik Lal, was inspired by attending a conference of United Religions Initiative ( ) organized by Dr Abraham Karickam, at Henry Martin's Institute, Hyderabad in 2019. He was the youngest delegate of that assembly. During the closing remarks of the assembly, he announced himself to the delegates that he will start an organization to protect mother earth which was one of the main topic of that conference. 

Following this incident he started to draw awareness pictures of environmental protection. One of these pictures become the LOGO of Heart4Earth. Most of the times he was observing the environment and getting more information regarding endangered species of animals on Earth. Finally he arise a question  "Do the human beings, endanger in future like the extinct ?" This questions disturbed him a lot, finally he found the fact that ..


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Master Alleyne Eirik Lal

"The main obstacle of sustainability is 

one's attitude that my duty is just to SAY to protect the planet Earth, by believing that others, will ACT for that.."

the IGNITED thoughts...

Alleyne Eiric Lal _ Heart For Earth Foun

He explained the above finding with some examples that; even though our country banned plastic products; many people are using it... Banned smoking in public places; but no one is obeying it.... As we know air pollution is very high, people are competing to buy one more car.. Most of the restaurants are using printed white papers as table mats and time-pass puzzle sheets by forgetting paper is also made by trees. Daily thousands of such filled or non-filled papers are throwing to the dustbins.. Always crying to Stop cutting trees and compete to purchase more wooden furniture for home and office. 

This ironical attitude of public in words and action should be the main reason behind the most challenging crisis of human being- To be ENDANGERED

He experienced different organizations through his parents since he was at the age of four.  So his parents convinced him that awareness is the best way for creating better minds to protect mother earth. but he  was not satisfied with the answer and he arose another question, do you believe awareness can change the people having the ironical attitude in words and actions until it touches their heart? Everything was changing through this question by the final answer the real hearts with complimentary words and actions is the solution for these perplexing situations. Then he decided to start the organization to mould the hearts by naming it HEART4EARTH. He is in search of real hearts, those who are ready to change themselves to be the change makers.

"The ideal way to achieve sustainability is to learn the lessons of existence through personality development.."

Master Alleyne Eirik Lal, is born on 14th December 2010, aged 10, residing at Kollam, Kerala, India. He is a 5th Standard student of National Public School, Kollam. He is the member of United Religions Initiative - Zero Limits Co-operation Circle, South India Sri Lanka Region. He is an Ambassador of One Billion Youth for Peace initiative by Cosmic Community Center.  He also actively participating in the activities of Youth Forum - OISCA International - Kollam Chapter.  His membership in Akhila Kerala Balajana Sakhyam - also leads to the birth of LISS Balajanasakhyam, Kollam. 

Alleyne Eiric Lal _ Heart For Earth Foun
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