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Latest Campaigns of Alleyne Eirik Lal

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#Greenathon 2.0

Second Edition of Campaign #GREENATHON

#Greenathon 2.0 a call to action by Allu Alleyne Eiric Lal to plant 1 Million plants in coming 365 Days.. World wide..

Inauguration by Dr KK Shajahan, Chairman, National Public School.

  • Covid Diary 2021- A Book of Emotions by Students around the World- Inviting Entries

Dear friends,

We are publishing an international book named Covid Dairy, which consists of the emotional stories and write-ups from children all over the world during the Covid19 outbreak. We know how much this pandemic affected children. Here children explain their experiences, Let the World realise the depth of their emotions from their own words. 


Children from all Countries are Invited to share pandemic stories for this new history initiative from all over the world– Covid Diary a “Book of Emotions of Children” 


Covid period really took away our happiness; friends; school; teachers; togetherness of dining, playing, learning, chitchats etc.. An uncertain period of loneliness. All are staying at home. How you missed everything in all of a sudden…How you faced it?


We are gathering personal accounts of Corona-related events, such as your experiences of social distancing/quarantine in your daily life. We invite you to share your story , which should be published in the book


Age limit: Below 18 Years.


Submit a short or long text, or even a photo! Your participation is appreciated. You can send it in ENGLISH. Your Full name, Nationality and a Smiling Picture to our email address: or Whatsapp +919446010728


Take this opportunity to have your own story of this historic time included in our international book publishing on 5th June 2021.

Covid Diary 2021 International Book of E


We are looking for Teens who can make a landmark in the world. Contribute your Pandemic Experience, and publish your experience in an international book.

Covid Diary 2021 International Book of E
Covid Diary 2021 International Book of E
Covid Diary 2021 International Book of E
Covid Diary 2021 International Book of E
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