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Bicycle For Lifecycle

To create a community of youth & children who stand for energy conservation and climate action.

Bicycle project Heart4Earth Foundation I

We were inspired by our Friends,  Mr Auke Van Drimmelen and Ms Hilgien Ruinemans from Netherlands. They covered 25000 kms by bicycle, started from Netherlands to Nepal crossing so many countries for a noble purpose. The experiences they shared, about different cultures, nature, customs, traditions, all were inspiring. This made us to think more about cycling and benefits of cycling. Finally we created Peace riders , who ride for nature, health, peace and energy conservation.


Benefits of Cycling

It reduces air pollutants because cycling never emit green house gases. It cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change. It saves valuable green space ,which takes for development

surely reduces your ecological footprint. It helps in conservation of energy. It boosts your health and fitness. It helps to save money ,which you can use for noble purposes. It helps to reduce accidents. .

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