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To conduct awareness on Nuclear Issues, Need of Disarmament among children & youth. Create 25,000 registered volunteers worldwide.

We are conducting a social media campaign "Peace Letters to UN" in this 2020 August 29 and ends on 2020 September 26. For this purpose we are inviting Peace Letters from all over the world, in any language. The Topic is " My Concerns of Children and Youth in a Nuclear World". Email, pen and paper. We Write 10, 000 Peace Letters to the United Nations Social Media Campaign, starts on 29th August 2020 International Day against Nuclear Tests and ends on 26th September 2020 International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. You can send it to email: or Whatsapp +919446010728.


We request to post your letters in social media with the Hashtags below.

#10000voices4peace #heart4earth #peacelettercampaign
#savetomorrows#voicesyouth#voicesforpeace#globalvoice#endtonukes #UnitedNations #peace4planet #heart4earthinternational #endnukes #needpeace #Youth4Disarmament #onebillionyouthforpeace #OneBillionYouth4Peace #nssmarady #URIZeroLimits

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International Day Against Nuclear Tests

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Anti nuclear campaign...


Anti Nuclear Campaigns by the Founder of Heart4Earth Master Alleyne Eiric Lal 29 August 2020, International Day Against Nuclear Tests.